Popular Pizza Toppings to Consider for
Family Night

Feb 02, 2024

If you’re ready to take the night off from cooking, why not go out for a good pizza with your family? However, with so many toppings, it may be hard to decide which is right for your taste buds. Are you unsure what to order for your pizza restaurant outing? Here is a list of popular toppings to consider.


It’s hard to go wrong with a classic pepperoni pizza, and most pizza lovers agree. According to Business Insider, pepperoni is ordered on 36% of pizzas in the United States. Pepperoni is a cured meat that’s similar to salami. It’s distinctive from salami, though, because it’s smaller, redder, and may have a bit of a kick to it.


If you’re a meat lover and want your pizza to reflect that, go with an old-fashioned sausage pie. If you ever order a meat lover’s pizza, you’ll often see some sausage on it. Depending on the type of pizza restaurant you go to, there may be different sausage options to consider. Some pizza places will offer pizza with chorizo, Italian sausage, or spicy sausage.


If you’re not in the mood for meat or want the perfect accompaniment with your sausage or pepperoni, then mushrooms are usually a top choice. These popular fungi are often used as a meat substitute in other dishes due to their texture. They work with other vegetables but are also excellent as their own topping.

Extra Cheese

While your standard pie will have a decent portion of mozzarella, some people need to kick it up a notch with extra cheese. That extra cheese might include an additional topping of mozzarella. However, many pizza restaurants understand that people love the taste of different types of cheeses. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you can also add blue cheese, feta cheese, or provolone to your pizza.
An outing to a pizza restaurant is a great way to relax and indulge in one of the most popular foods worldwide. Pizzas offer something for everyone. Whether you want a classic Margarita pie from Naples, a pepperoni pizza, or a combination of many ingredients, there are many options to soothe your taste buds. Visit us at Laurino’s Tavern for an enjoyable meal with your family today!
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